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i will try to add games to this list every once in a while because i'm not gonna add them all at once

game platform rating summary
Rayman 2: The Great Escape PC, DC 6 I admit: this is purely nostalgia. I know the layout of every room in this game by heart. Except for the lums, never got all 1000 lol
Death Stranding PC 6 Kojima was finally allowed to make something else than MGS sequels and the creativity shows. Fantastic chill game.
Half-Life: Alyx PCVR 6 Is it bad that this is my favourite Half-Life? Welcome from rich land I guess. Fav VR game, too.
Judgment Stadia 6 I played it on the goddamn Stadia and it's still my favourite RGG studio game. That should tell you EVERYTHING.
Trackmania (series) PC 6 While samey, Trackmania is a series of bonkers UI choices, extremely fun levels, and a robust editor that each formed my childhood. The newest one is my least favourite.
Beyond Good & Evil PC/XSS 5+ The only game other than Rayman 2 to capture the same magical atmosphere. Possibly coined modern "cinematic action games" with its stealth/puzzle/action genre mix? I guess it proves the R2 rating isn't *purely* nostalgia as I just finished this one in 2022.
The Silver Case PC 5+ One of Suda51's strangest games and one of the strongest. Banging music by Masafumi Takada.
The Forgotten City XSS 5+ Best time travel AND time loop related game by far, and avoids the trappings of other such games. Galerius is a bro.
Yakuza 0 PC 5 Most polished game in the series, it was destined to be the one to blow up. Thanks for introducing me to the series, 0.
No More Heroes 3 EMU 5 Excellent game only let down by lack of a version that would actually run well and look more polished than the poor Switch UE4 job we got.
Human: Fall Flat PC 5 Very fun puzzle platformer that keeps getting more content. Play it with friends if you get the chance. Free on Game Pass.
The 25th Ward: The Silver Case PC 5- Not as good as The Silver Case, but still a fantastic trip through the dystopian 25th ward in the city Tokyo.
Lost Judgment XSS 5- With the best combat in the series and amazing quality of life tweaks, LJ is still worse than JE.
Binary Domain PC 5- This game should not rock this hard. TPS made by RGG Studio, kick ass enemy design, setpieces, and a couple of intersting mechanics to set itself apart. Play it.
Driver: San Francisco PC 5- This game makes being in a coma seem badass. Maybe I should try it sometime.
Grand Theft Auto III PC 4+ Play it via re3. Still a very fun arcade driving and shooting sim. The only GTA game apart from 5 I finished more than once.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC 4+ You know Ken, this could be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship. I mean you are a conniving, back-stabbing, two-bit thief; and I am a convicted, psychopathic, murdering drug-dealer.
Grand Theft Auto V PC/PS4/360 4 The GTA game I've played the most and grew up with. My rating of it went down with time thanks to R* being kind of horrible. Worse story than 4.
Dying Light 2 PC 4 Parkour is better than in DL1, so the game is automatically better a result. Meh combat in 1 is a bit worse in this game. Miss the crazier chases from that game though.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC 3 On the "my most played GTA games" list this game is the 2nd thanks to MTA and SAMP. Tons of memories there. On most liked - one of the last. I never liked the mission design in this. Awkward inbetween of issues with the V and the III/VC formulas.
Grow Home PC 3 Cute little robot climbing game. Released in 2014, Ubisoft's last good year ever. Except for Watch_Dogs.
Watch_Dogs 2 PC 3 A significant improvement over 1. It's kind of funny to break AI with the hacking. Gets half a point up for reminding me Driver San Francisco exists, that game rocks.
LEFT ALIVE PC 2+ There are so many awesome things to live for! LEFT ALIVE is not one of them. (the joke is that the first line is a quote)
Yakuza: Like a Dragon PC 2+ I do not like turn-based jRPGS. This is a turn-based jRPG. Pretty standard Yakuza romp otherwise and I enjoyed those parts.
Far Cry 5 PC 2 Somehow the most boring Far Cry. Doesn't have a single thing to say, and I associate it with something very negative that happened in the past, whoops.
Jalopy PC 2 I've played this one a while back so it's probably better now, but I have distinct memories of extreme frustration from this one.
Layers of Fear PC 1+ Lame jumpscare game by devs living off plagiarizing better ideas. Gets a plus for the hilarious baby jumpscare.
Doki Doki Literature Club PC 1 Fuck off.